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Perhaps, you've already had your precious baby or you may looking here looking for early pregnancy symptoms and signs. Either way, you're probably reading all the books on pregnancy and parenting to get ready for the big event. And chances are you're even developing a feel on how you want to raise your child.
Every experienced mom will give you one piece of advice if pressed for it. Don't stay wedded to how you think you will handle things as a new mom.
If you are pregnant, be sure to check out March of Dimes, working together for healthier babies and mothers, here.

To Breastfeed or Bottlefeed

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Allergies in the Family

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Adoption Options

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Fluids During Pregnancy

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Protein and Vegetables in Pregnancy

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Nutrition in Pregnancy

Food and Pregnancy
Fluids During Pregnancy
Protein and Vegetables in Pregnancy
Nutrients When Pregnant