Pregnancy Symptoms

Fetal Movements

Fetal movements or feeling your baby move is a pretty definite pregnancy symptom, although early-on it can sometimes be mistaken for gas or even bowel contractions.We’ve all heard the stories of moms who don’t know they are pregnant and go into the ER for abdominal pain and come out with a new baby.  These cases may be rare but they do happen.

Fetal Movements After 14 Weeks

“Quickening”, as first fetal movements are often referred to, can be experienced anytime after about the 14th week of pregnancy.  The average time to feel fetal movements is between 18- 22 weeks along for a first time mom. As pregnancy progresses, these gentle flutters will increase in intensity and turn into sometimes uncomfortable kicks.  You’re more likely to feel fetal movements when in a quiet position, either sitting or lying down.

As your baby is growing, he or she will stretch out his or her arms and legs and is the fluttering pregnant women feel.  Sometimes your baby may just be in a position they don’t like and move around a bit.  In addition, babies are more likely to be active right after mommy eats a meal or snack.

As fetal movements increase and progress into the later weeks of pregnancy, you may find it very uncomfortable as baby can become more aggressive with kicking.  Some moms can have sore ribs from harsh movements.

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