Fluids During Pregnancy

Pregnancy HydrationAnother important aspect of pregnancy nutrition is drinking plenty of fluids. Pregnancy is largely made up of water. This mom-to-be must drink eight 8 ounce glasses daily. What does fluid do for mom? It helps her get rid of unneeded items in her body, keep her skin soft, reduce swelling and urinary tract infections. Dehydration can produce pre term labor. Note, milk and fruits and vegetables count towards fluid intake.

How Much Fat Should One Consume When Pregnant?

So now that the pregnant woman knows what nutrients she needs. How about fat? No fat is not a good idea. So what about fat? About 14 grams or four servings of fatty foods per day is okay for mom. She stills gets to have some fun! Which means, mom can have a couple tablespoons of whipped cream. Or, maybe she can have one cup of whole milk during the day and one-half of a cup of ice-cream. Mom can have two servings of cake or cookies. Maybe she would like one third cup of hollandaise sauce on something. But all in all this gives an idea of the type of diet for mother and baby to promote good health and growth for a safe and happy delivery. So if you are what you eat and you eat balanced and healthy, here are tips to help make a good start for that newcomer. Happy eating to pregnant moms.

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