Your Baby

Prune Pregnant Week 10Your baby-on-the-way is possibly as long as 1 1/2 inches, measuring from crown to rump. Your baby may be similar to the size of a prune now. This week, your baby weighs in at almost 5 grams. By the end of the week, he or she will no longer be an embryo, but a fetus, which means “young one”. Your baby will be a fetus until he or she is born. As the embryonic period comes to an end and the fetal period begins, your baby is looking much more human and less like an over-grown tadpole.

Your baby’s brain has been growing very rapidly over the last few weeks, so the head is very much out of proportion with the body. This is completely normal right now and will soon change as its growth rate slows. At this stage, your baby’s head makes up close to half of his or her total length! The inner part of your baby’s ears is complete and the external part should be fully formed and visible. Your baby’s eyes are beginning to take a more frontal position. By this week, your baby’s tiny nose has taken shape and becomes more prominent. At only 8 weeks after conception, your baby already has a cute little button nose!

The umbilical cord is fully developed and is performing the important function of delivering nutrients and oxygen to your developing baby. A network of tiny blood vessels can be seen easily running through your baby’s body, because of the transparency of his or her paper-thin skin. Your baby’s lungs are developing in the chest cavity and also, your baby’s intestines are continuing their development. The intestines will soon move from outside your baby’s body to inside the abdominal cavity. Villi are beginning to form in the intestines now, which help with digestion. Your baby’s little kidneys are starting to move into their final positions. The bones that make up your baby’s skeleton are forming more and more and your little one’s heartbeat is getting stronger every week!

Week 10, Your Body

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