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Mango 19 Weeks PregnantYour baby is about the size of a mango at 19 weeks pregnant and weighs up to approximately 8 ounces. Milk teeth buds have developed already and buds for permanent teeth are forming behind them. Your baby’s eyelashes and eye brows are present and have grown longer. The hair on your baby’s head is growing thicker with every week that goes by, although not all babies have much hair at birth. Some are bald, while others have a longer, thicker mane. If your baby is born with hair, expect some of it to fall out within a few days or weeks. Most newborn hair falls out; this is completely normal. The replacement hair that grows in may be very different in texture as well as color, because hair may get darker or even lighter with time. It won’t be long now until you find out if your baby will be perfectly bald or have a full head of hair! Your baby is almost halfway to his or her due date!

Your little one’s skin is still transparent and very thin at this point. This makes your baby look quite red. If you could see into your womb, you would be able to see your baby’s tiny veins, because the network of blood vessels that run underneath the skin can be seen easily, in addition to bones. What we think of as “normal” skin is formed during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Your baby’s skin is becoming coated with vernix (also known as vernix caseosa) now. Vernix is a white, waxy or cheesy-textured substance which is secreted by your baby’s sebaceous glands (which produce skin oils after birth) while in the womb. Basically, vernix is made up of sebum (oil of the skin), dead skin cells and lanugo. It’s role is to protect your baby’s very delicate skin from the constant exposure to the watery amniotic fluid. This greasy goo also assists with passage through the birth canal during delivery, because it makes your baby much more slippery. Some of the vernix gradually dissolves toward the end of the third trimester. Full-term babies tend to have it only in skin folds. Vernix is normally wiped off in the delivery room following birth, but if this remaining vernix is wiped away, it may cause your baby’s skin to peel during the first week. Some parents choose to leave it on the skin until it flakes off on its own, because if it is left intact, the skin may stay more hydrated and healthy.

Pregnancy Week 19, Your Body

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